seoul traditional music festival

Seoul Plaza Main Event

Play with Traditional Music! Fly with the Korean Traditional Music!
In September, all Korean traditional music will be gathered in Seoul!
Exciting autumn, Traditional Music Festival unfolds in Seoul's famous attractions!

seoul traditional music festival

Performance Program

Introducing the performance programs of 1st Seoul Korean Traditional Music Festival

Seoul Sound Show

Gather all Seoul punks who love Korean traditional music!
Seoul Sound Show for all who participate and who see!
  • Period 2019. 9. 14(Sat) 12:00-14:00
  • Venue Seoul Plaza main stage

This and That in Traditional Music

Please leave any questions about the Korean traditional music or a special story related to Korean traditional music!!
  • Period 2019. 9. 14(Sat) 14:00-15:00
  • Venue Seoul Plaza main stage

Luxurious Performance, second to none.

Meet famous songs at Seoul Plaza. Luxury performances by masters of Korean traditional music and their disciples
  • Period 2019. 9. 14(Sat)-15(Sun) 17:00-18:00
  • Venue Seoul Plaza main stage
  • Cast Sat. 14th - Master Sook-Seon Ahn
    Sun. 15st - Master Choon-Hee Lee

Seoul Play, Youth Play

The exciting theatrical performance of the next generation traditional performance team that we should pay our attention to.
  • Period 2019. 9. 14(Sat) 15:30-16:30
  • Venue Seoul Plaza main stage
  • Cast The Sotdae Players,
    The female rope rider : Hoe-Seong Park

Theme Performance1
“Playing with traditional music”

Performances of Korean traditional music stars sharing the precious spirit and values of Korean traditional art
  • Period 2019. 9. 14(Sat) 14:00-15:00
  • Venue Seoul Plaza main stage
  • Cast Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Orchestra,
    Seoul Metropolitan Youth
    Traditional Music Ensemble

Wielding an art

It’s the right taste to listen traditional music in the morning.
Open your morning with elegant melody!
  • Period 2019. 9. 15(Sun) 08:00-10:00
  • Venue Seoul Plaza main stage
  • Cast National Gugak Center

Seoul Traditional Music Map

Seoul's 10 most beautiful scenes selected by the Seoul Korean Traditional Music Festival, that comes with hidden traditional music stories.
  • Period 2019. 9. 15(Sun) 12:00-13:00
  • Venue Seoul Plaza main stage
  • Cast Yoo-Hee,
    Kingston Rudieska and more

Theme Performance2
“Time Fly by Traditional Music”

Time travel to the past when we cried and laughed to the commentary’s comments. Foresee the future of Korean traditional music through the record history!
  • Period 2019. 9. 15(Sun) 14:30-15:30
  • Venue Seoul Plaza main stage
  • Cast Hak-Do Kim (Narrator), Mimi Band,
    Jung-Pyo Lee and more

Relax by soothing traditional music sound

Come close to the beautiful melody of Korean traditional music on the green lawn of Seoul Plaza!
  • Period 2019. 9. 15(Sun) 15:00-17:00
  • Venue Seoul Plaza main stage
  • Cast Eun-Il Gang Art Director,
    Yoon-Jeong Huh Art Director